Golden Gift

We carry the best in incense, scented candles, books and more. Fragrance oils, incense burners, religious items etc.

Phone: 213-437-0798

F; 213-437-0799

Address: 352 S. Los Angeles St. Los Angeles, CA 90013


Premier distributor of e-cigarettes wholesale, plus e-juice available in a variety of flavors, and also accessories.

We carry a wide variety of vaping products including mod’s, USB chargers, vaporizers and much more. Give us a call, and our friendly sales staff will be happy to help you.


PT Bag Co.

We carry stash cans, zip top bags, incense bags, various types of aluminum jars for tobacco items, incense and other tobacco related items.

Telephone 800-330-7094

Hot Vapes

Ultimate variety of flavored e-juices, e-cigarettes, atomizers and vaping accessories.  Large selection of tobacco items, scales, bubblers etc.
Phone: 713-278-7677
5902 Sovereign Dr. Ste. B Houston, TX 77036

Uni Show Inc

Ultimate variety of flavored e-juices, e-cigarettes, atomizers and vaping accessories.  Large selection of tobacco items, scales, bubblers etc.
Phone: 713-278-7677
5902 Sovereign Dr. Ste. B Houston, TX 77036

East West Trading

The wholesale tobacco distributor featuring the best tobacco items, plus Zippo lighters wholesale.

Zippo lighters wholesale, plus glass pipes, e-Cigarettes, herb grinders, cigars, tobacco pipes, incense, scorch torches, hookahs, lighter fluid and more. We are the distributor for the most in demand tobacco items and have all the latest in accessories for your smoke shop, hookah lounge, vaping lounge, liquor store, and c-store.

Our friendly and knowledgeable staff is always ready, willing and able to assist you with whatever your needs are. Whatever your needs are, we are the number one wholesaler of all things tobacco. We also carry cigar cutters, flasks, Stash cans and other novelties. With us, all the categories of tobacco products are covered, and you can be sure that your business needs will be covered whether it is a smoke shop, c-store, hookah lounge, vaping lounge or dispensary.
Phone: Toll Free: (800) 621-3635
Intl : 1-773-930-3159
Fax: Toll Free: (855) 900-4848
Outside USA: 1-773-993-0259
Address: 4848 W. Lawrence Ave Chicago, IL 60630

Recoil Winders

Recoil Winders

The incredible and unique way to keep your earphones, cell phone charger cords and whatever other cords you have for your electronic devices neat and tangle free.

Phone: 303-514-4035


U.S. Global Imports

We are the tobacco distributor and wholesaler also offering general merchandise products.

Everything for your smoke shop, c-store, vaping lounge etc. We carry glass pipes, scorch torches, cigarette lighters, cigarette rolling papers, hookahs and more. Come to us for the largest selection items for your smoke shop, c-store and vaping lounge.

Phone: 213-626-2005

408 E 4th St, Los Angeles, CA 90013

Smok’en Inc.

The finest selection of bubblers, spoon pipes, water pipes and other fine tobacco items. Ask us about our selection of novelty pipes as well.

Address: 302 S Los Angeles St Los Angeles, CA 90013

Phone: 213- 923-4325

International Trade

Smoking items, grinders, bubblers, baggies, vaping products and more. We also offer scales, stash cans, novelty pipes, hookahs and etc.
318 E 3rd St, Los Angeles, CA 90013
Phone: (213) 626-0057

Habib Cash and Carry

Lots of selection from hookahs, scorch torches, bubblers, stash cans and more. Cigarette rolling papers, whipped cream chargers, incense, weighing scales, lighters. Go to our website, or give us a call for complete list of what we offer.

Tool Free: 800-530-2976

Phone: 916-739-8486

Fax: 916-739-8644/916-273-4341


Address: 7500 14th Ave #18 Sacramento, CA 95820

US Scales

The best selection of electronic pocket scales. Many types to choose from. Give us a call for the best deals. You won’t be disappointed.

Toll Free: 888-293-7661

Fax: 812-895-1092

Address: 1098 East Beckes Ln. Vincennes, IN 47591

420 Glass City

We have glass pipes, bubblers and ash catchers. Also concentrate rags, hand pipes , grinders and bowls, plus dab tools.

Phone: 323-202-9347

Address: 453 E. 4th St Los Angeles, CA 90013


Chicago Import Inc.

We have first aid supplies, energy drinks, toys plus hand tools, as well as cigarette lighters and also motor oil and more. Everything you need for your c-store.

Toll Free: 800-854-0881

Phone: 773-478-3200

Fax: 773-784-4974


Address: 3811 West Lawrence Ave. Chicago, IL 60625